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Aron Gent

Shur Shot combines Gent’s experience as a professional printmaker with the project’s mission, to make historical cameras accessible by engagement with contemporary Chicago educators.

The Chicago Cluster Project revolves around old cameras, the devices that helped us capture the world before it was digitized. Unlike electronic and digital devices, the mechanical equipment has the ability to operate decades after it’s no longer in use. For this exhibition, Gent photographed cameras from The Rod Slemmons Camera Archive, and created surprising, contemporary interpretations of them using Epson ink on watercolor paper. Rod Slemmons’ cameras are portals, apertures to the past, with the ability, in the hands of artists and educators, to see into the future. The key to this lies in fostering education and creativity, something Gent has done for over 10 years in the Chicago community. As a whole, this collection serves as a window to analog photography approaches and processes, and provides an opportunity to slow down the flow of time, before the shutter stops everything.

Waterfalls from Still, Moving Moving, Still, 2-minute video loop projection inside Radio Opticon, 2021.
Portrait of the artist

Aron Gent

Born in 1985, Aron Gent is an artist, gallerist, and professional printmaker residing in Chicago, IL. He received a degree from Columbia College Chicago and has been a lecturer and educator at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, the Hyde Park Art Center and Columbia College Chicago. Gent is the founder of the print studio and commercial gallery DOCUMENT and Co-runs the project space Paris London Hong Kong. In addition he serves on the board of directors for the Society for Contemporary Art(SCA), The New Art Dealers Alliance(NADA) and was a founding board member for Chicago-based organization ACRE in 2010.

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